Telecom giant Vodafone India has launched a solution on November 28, 2012, which is known as the Secure Device Manager. The new solution is meant for its corporate clients and allows enterprises to secure company data on mobile handsets as well as their employee's tablet PC's.

Vodafone India has become the first Indian telecom operator to launch such a service in the country. The parent company – Vodafone UK, offers such a solution in the UK and Germany and already has about 18,000 active users.

Naveen Chopra, the Vodafone India Director, while talking to reporters said on a video conference, “With the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept picking up pace, increasing numbers of people prefer smartphones and tablets to access the company's data. Securing these devices and their data has now become critical”.

BYOD is a new policy which is now being followed globally by the corporate world. A BYOD environment is where employees are allowed to bring personally-owned mobile devices and are allowed to use it to access company resources like email file servers and databases, as well as their personal applications and data. The new Secure Device Manager provides IT managers and management the ability to console into the devices, which then allows them to remotely manage security policies, device settings and applications.