The Kingfisher Airline management has failed to give the salaries for the month of May, 2012 to its employees. According to reports, the pilots of the airline have lost their patience and threatened to approach the Director General of Civil Aviation or DGCA, if the airline does not meet its commitment to pay their salaries on November 30, 2012.

Sources from the airline said that the employees have written to the airline chief, saying that if their salaries are not paid they would approach the DGCA to intervene in the issue. Kingfisher Airlines has not paid its salaries since the month of May, 2012 to its about 4,000 employees.

The airline had earlier assured its staff that their salaries for the last 3 months would be paid in parts by the start of the Diwali festival. Kingfisher was forced to ground its operations as its pilots and engineers have been on strike since October 1, 2012. The agitation was then called off on October 24, 2012

The troubled airline has also temporarily lost its flying license. Meanwhile, an official from DGCA said that payment of salaries is an internal issue which the management and employees will sort out among themselves . The official added that their concern is in regards to safety, for which they have already suspended the license of the airline.


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