South Korean gadget giant Samsung Electronics has launched a new camera on November 29, 2012, which will have an internet connection as well. The new device has been launched for the South Korean market and is the latest effort by the company to increase its dominance in the mobile phone market.

The device is known as the Galaxy Camera and is named after the company’s popular smartphone and tablet PC range. The Galaxy Camera allows users to upload photos and videos directly to the internet without connecting it to a computer or any other device.

The Galaxy Camera was launched earlier this year in other places like Europe, North America parts of Asia. However, this is not Samsung’s first internet-capable camera.

The new camera allows users to download apps which are aimed at polishing pictures or videos and automatically allow one to share images stored in the gadget with certain mobile devices which are located nearby. The apps also help to have images automatically stored on a cloud-based server. To use the gadget, users have to subscribe to a wireless plan.

The camera includes a 4.8-inch LCD touch screen and is priced at about 750,000 won in the domestic market.


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