US tech company Apple seems to be on a roll of late. Ever since the inception of Tim Cook as Apple’s CEO, there have been a lot of products that have been rolled out by the company. The latest rumor to hit the tech world is that of the iPhone 6. Sources claim that there has been sizable activity taking place behind the scenes in this regard and that Apple may be testing its next-generation phone and mobile operating systems soon.

According to media reports, a few app developers have logged activity from a device called the iPhone 6.1 that appears to be running on a new mobile operating system. The problem is that such credentials can be faked, but a lot of app developers and other sources do believe that this may not be a hoax after all, as the logs seem to be coming from Apple’s California headquarters. It is seen as a good thing by its fans that Apple is running tests for new products and operating systems, after all the company is seen as an innovator. It will definitely be tough for Apple to maintain its stronghold in the market considering the competition without having newer products hitting the market.

There has been speculation that the iPhone 6.1 could indeed be an iPhone 5S model. The company is also expected to unveil the new iOS 7 in 2013 and their fans will have to wait and watch to see what lies ahead.


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