India will be a safe haven for tablet manufacturers in 2013 according to information from Cybermedia Research. The year 2012 itself seemed to be quite a profitable period for tablet makers as India helped itself to 3 million units, a number that could double in 2013.

According to the results of Cybermedia Research, the quarter-on-quarter rate of growth for tablets in the country amounts to 99.3%. This fact is echoed in the sales of 1.1 million tablets sold in the July-September quarter last year.

In terms of the features, those with Wi-Fi and 3G were favored by users over others and the research predicts a dying popularity for tablets with larger screens. Among those leading the pack for tablet sales in India are Samsung, attaining 29% of the total market. Datawind slotted into third place with 12.3% of the market and Micromax took 15.3% of the share.

The third quarter of 2012 saw an Average Sales Value (ASV) of around Rs 13,200. Most sales also came in below the Rs 10,000 category, with 63% of the sales numbers being generated by tablets within this range.

People in India will soon make use of the 4G/WiMax/LTE (BWA) service in the country, which will only boost tablet sales further, leading to users getting more familiar with data networks and thus relying on tablets to access online data on the move as well.


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