US government officials informed that a Boeing 787 from Japan Airlines which was to fly to Tokyo on January 8, 2013, was grounded in Boston due to a fuel spill. On January 7, 2013, another aircraft of the same type had suffered a fire.

Matthew Brelis, a spokesperson for Massport informed the media that the local airport authority had said, “Japan Airlines flight 7 was leaking fuel as it was about to take off”. Brelis also revealed that about 40 gallons of fuel had spilled onto the tarmac. The incident occurred around midday; since then the spill has been stopped and the tarmac has been cleaned up as well.

At present the aircraft is being analysed, but the reason for the spill is not yet known. In just two days this has been the second incident related to the aircraft carrier. Boeing on the other hand said that it would be too early to come to any conclusion or to comment on Monday’s incident before the ongoing investigation has been completed. The incidents have occurred as Boeing has accelerated the production of its mid-sized long range Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

There have been a spate of airline related safetly incidents in recent times, which has prompted ground staff and crew around the world to step up maintenance at airports around the world.


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