The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA has almost come to an end. There is just one day remaining in the tech-rich show and many consumers are already missing the feeling of being carried away in a sea of technology. Day 3 at the CES showcased advanced watches and bendable screens.

The term ‘smartwatch’ has been taken to the next level by the Pebble watch. The USD 150 timepiece has a multitude of functions including syncing with the cloud and other handheld devices. The watch is a product of Kickstarter and has an E-Ink display that will show messages from devices that the watch has been synced to.

Computer screens of the future will quite possibly be bendable, as demonstrated with Samsung and it Youm screen, which is a bendable OLED display. The electronics manufacturer also showcased a 110-inch 4K TV.

Dell rolled out its Latitude 10 tablet running on Windows 8, which will cost consumers USD 499. Other devices on display included Gorilla Glass 3 by Corning and foto.sosho by, which is an iPhone case.

Although the CES is now coming to and end with the last day currently in progress, various websites are hosting their own best-and-worst of the day’s electronic goods, as customers look forward to a  gadget-filled year ahead.


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