Auto giant Honda scored a hit with its CR-V compact SUV and now the company has unveiled another smaller SUV. The smaller version of the vehicle is expected to hit the market soon and is known as the ‘Urban SUV concept’. The vehicle was displayed at a press conference during the North American International Auto show in Detroit, USA.

Honda now plans to launch the small SUV in Japan by the end of the year and also in the US in 2014. While talking about the difference between the two SUV models, the concept SUV is 9 inches shorter than the CR-V and the hidden rear door handle has been given a smooth coupe like presence.

In the US market, the Urban SUV Concept is expected to be priced below the current CR-V, which starts at around USD 22,700 for a 2013 model. Tetsuo Iwamura, the president and chief operating officer of the North American Regional Operations of Honda in an interview said, “We believe there is a good market potential for this vehicle”. The latest vehicle will be a part of the company’s line up between the subcompact Fit and the CR-V.

Iwamura also said that the new SUV will attract new buyers, as the concept behind the CR-V’s smaller cousin was quite different from Honda’s flagship SUV.