The International Amateur Boxing Association (IABA) has banned Indian boxers from participating in any tournaments organised by them. In December 2012, the international regulating body had banned the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF) for the manipulation of its election process. However, despite the ban, the AIBA had allowed Indian boxers to participate in different sports events, but have now withdrawn the privilege.

Indian boxers banned

Photo Credit: The Week

The AIBA strongly recommends fast action on the part of IABF to resolve the situation, as the suspension has been extended to all the boxers and coaches. In recent times, boxing has been one of the successful sports in India and in the last two Olympics Indian pugilists have won two medals in the sport.

AIBA is also not happy with the government interfering in the working of the IABF. Even after the ban in December 2012, the Indian women’s team took part in the Nations Cup in Serbia and won three gold medals. The immediate effect of the recent ban on players will be detrimental to the nations men’s boxing team, who are preparing to participate in events that will be held in Belgium and Ukraine in the first week of February 2013.

The Indian sports ministry has also given directions to all National Sports Federations to fall in line with the Sports Code.


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