Japanese-based electronic commerce and internet company Rakuten Edy has launched new coupon services on its site for smartphones The new Rakuten Edy Smart Coupon is a coupon site built exclusively for smartphone users. There are two different coupons on offer, one is a pocket coupon and the other is of the show-in-store type.


Users can obtain the pocket-type coupons in advance with the help of the Rakuten Edy app on Osaifu Keitai. The consumer, after shopping with Rakuten Edy, will get a refund from the company on a later date, which is equivalent to the coupon value. The best part about this process is that the customer does not have to carry printouts of the coupons like other services.

The service can be used on any smartphone and are also available for a host of products and services spanning a number of different genres. The Rakuten Edy Smart Coupons can be used as a mode of marketing by the merchants who accept Rakuten Edy for payment. Initially the coupons will be available for use at Circle K Sunkus’ 6,300 nationwide convenience stores.

The offer will be also available at 190 Temomin massage outlets across Japan, as well as various hotels which are operated by the Tokyu Hotel chain, which include Tokyu Inn, Excel Hotel Tokyu and Hotel Tokyu Bizfort.