North Korea is in the news for the wrong reasons once again. This time the Asian power has issued a threat to the United States saying that it could target the country with a nuclear weapons test. This test is the third of its kind and is considered to be of a ‘higher level’ according to North Korea.

North Korea weapons test

Barrack Obama will have to deal with yet another issue that has arisen from North Korea, as the new leader Kim Jong-un looks like he will continue down the same road his father took. The United Nations will not look kindly on this new threat as it is in direct defiance of their policies. The world will also have reason to be concerned as many experts are of the opinion that North Korea’s weapons program is highly sophisticated.

China has also sided with the United Nations in condemning a recent successful rocket launch by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (D.P.R.K – North Korea’s official name). China is an ally of the D.P.R.K, will will need to think long and hard about the situation developing in Asia as one of the main nuclear test sites (Punggye) for North Korea is close to the Chinese border.


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