Japanese-based auto giant Nissan Motors is planning on building its next hatchback model at one of Renault SA’s French factories. However, Renault and Nissan Europe denied to comment on the report which was published in the Les Echos newspaper.


The newspaper report mentioned that the new vehicle will be manufactured from 2014 at Renault’s Flins or Douai site and will be available for sale across Europe. The report also said that the company will be producing 80,000 units of the car, but the vehicle has not been named yet.

The newspaper also said that the announcement of the new vehicle is expected to be made as early as next week. Earlier this week Renault said that it will also produce an extra 80,000 vehicles per year at the domestic factories for partners or Dailmer AG, if the workers agreed on the new labor deal. The domestic plants of Renault are among the worst affected by the car industry in terms of capacity, as many European countries have gone into recession.

At present, the Flins site produces the new Clio and the Zoe electric vehicles. On the other hand, the Douai plant is suffering from a decline in the sales of the Renault Scenic model . This will also be the first time Nissan will be producing cars in France, after having built cars in the country.