Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar tried his hand at golf recently and has shown that he is equally brilliant with the golf club and the cricket bat. On his way to his villa at Kensville on February 1, 2013, the star stopped by the Kensville Golf and Country Club in Ahmadabad. He amazed the galleries by his long range shooting power as well. Sachin swung the golf club like a professional and looked far too classy for an amateur.

Sachin Tendulkar Golf

Photo Credit: Deccan Chronicle

The master batsman credited his performance (in jest) by linking it to his liking for hitting any type of ball. He said golf can be very addictive and he would get hooked if he played any more. The sport has become a style statement for many cricketers of late. When asked about whether he would own a team like Kapil Dev and Harbhajan Singh, he said he would think about it, but did not commit to anything.

The world record century scorer has never witnessed an entire golf tournament and said that he liked the silence after a shot in golf, which according to him helps the player to keep focused, as compared to the cheering in cricket even before a strike has been made.

Coincidentally, Tendulkar’s son Arjun was in the city at the Motera cricket ground, where the Under-14 Mumbai XI is playing against Gujarat, in the West Zone cricket league. The Cricket World Cup winner said that he did not want to interfere too much in his son’s life and that he allows him to be independent.


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