Fast-food giant KFC had once introduced its ‘Chicken Fillet Double’ burger in Japan, which did not have the bun. It had bacon with melted cheese and a secret sauce held between two pieces of the Colonel’s Original Recipe chicken fillets. The chicken without the bun tasted quite good according to KFCs customers and went on sale in Japan for a limited time in the month of February last year.


KFC Japan is now set to re-introduce the bunless chicken burger with a ‘ketchupy twist’. From February 7, 2013 onward, KFC Japan will offer ketchup rice, which is sandwiched between two thick chicken fillets. The latest offering from the fast food giant is called as the ‘Kentucky Chicken Rice’ and will sell for 450 yen.

The chicken, which is kept on the top and bottom of the rice sandwich is KFC’s original recipe, which is made with Colonel Sander’s secret mix of 11 herbs and special spices. The sandwich does not have any traces of a bun, but has ketchup rice, sliced cheddar cheese with special tomato sauce and KFC’s special mayonnaise. The only thing missing from the Kentucky Rice Sandwich is that customers may complain that there is a shortage of meat in the burger.