Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has launched a new initiative of universal child health screening for birth defects which can lead to disabilities. The initiative was launched on on February 6, 2012. The congress president has also launched early intervention services, from which an estimated 27 crore children are set to benefit.


Gandhi said, “UPA government is going to bring a very important Food Security Act. I think this historic step will help in tackling the problem of malnutrition among children”. At the launch Sonia said, “I am happy that this project is being launched from here and I congratulate all of you”.

Sonia added that children are the future of the country and their well-being is the government’s concern, which is why the Congress-led government has started such programs. The Congress president also listed various schemes by the UPA government aimed at improving the health and well being of children. Gandhi also pointed out that around 40% of children in India suffered from malnutrition, which is a matter of great concern. At the launch, the leader said that there are many achievements on one side and also many challenges.

Gandhi went on to say that the government has opened as many as 270 nursing schools in backward as well as needy parts of the country and has ensured that there is no shortfall in funds for social welfare.


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