Electronics giant Sony, in the month of February 2013, will be launching its latest PlayStation console. The company is now looking forward towards building its gaming business, so as to repair its tattered financial situation. The announcement of the new device could be made at a meeting which has been scheduled for February 20, 2013 in New York.


Sony has declined to comment on this issue, while sending out invitations for a mystery event in New York. This has also sparked rumors that the world will catch a glimpse of the latest console seven years after the PlayStation was launched.

The company has faced four years of big losses, particularly in the television business and Sony will be hoping that the huge game market which is worth billions of dollars, will help it return to the market with a bang. Xbox maker Microsoft, as well as Sony are expected to unveil successors to their competing consoles in 2013. These systems have been evolving into home entertainment hubs for films, music and social networking as well. Even Nintendo has warned that the sales of its much hyped Wii-U console will be lower than predicted.

PlayStation fans will be eagerly looking forward to what will be announced by Sony at their event at New York, as it could that the gaming landscape will be changed forever.