More than 14 people have been injured and the death toll has risen to 36 at Allahabad Railway Station in India, where a stampede broke out on February 10, 2013. The incident occurred near the foot bridge on platform number 6. The stampeded took place at around 7 pm and left many people injured.

Allahabad Station

According to reports, a majority of the people who were injured were elderly. The incident took place as around 1.5 lakh devotees thronged to the platform to board the trains, in order to return to their respective destinations after the Mauni Amavasya Snan. The rush of people also caused the railing on one foot over-bridge to break, which added to the pandemonium.

Sandeep Mathur, the NCR chief public relations officer said that due to the sudden rush of passengers the railing of the foot over bridge broke, due to which many people fell off the stair case and this resulted in a stampede. Mathur refused to share the details on the number of deaths or those critically injured.

Raj Shekhar, the district magistrate assured that all possible treatment and help will be provided for the injured. According to the eye witnesses, none of the senior railway police authorities or any of the NCR officials came to the spot, even as the victims were crying for help. One of the passengers said that the incident occurred due to mismanagement.