On February 12, 2013, North Korea confirmed that it has successfully carried out its third underground nuclear test. The recent move has drawn international attention. The confirmation about the development came just three hours after seismic activity was detected at North Korea’s nuclear test site.


On the other hand, the President of the United States Barack Obama has called for a credible and swift international response in terms of action. Significant consequences would take effect he warned, if Pyongyang went ahead with nuclear testing. The diplomats have said that an emergency meeting will be held at 14:000 GMT on February 12, 2013 in New York to address the issue.

Earlier North Korea has conducted nuclear tests n the year 2006 and 2009. In the month if January 2013, it had announced that it would conduct a third nuclear test which would be a response to the sanctions which were imposed on it after a rocket launch in the month of December 2012. The state-run KCNA news agency had put out a report which confirmed the nuclear test.

North Korea, while explaining the reason behind their recent activities, said that the nuclear test was conducted in order to protect its national security and sovereignty against the reckless hostility of the United States. The nuclear test had been carried out for the first time under the leadership of the new leader Kim Jong-un, who took over the country's leadership after his father died in December 2011.