Its Valentines Week. Love is all around and many people are looking for the best gift to give their respective Valentines. There are several options in the market in terms of physical gifts, but one can try to be different by gifting an application to their loved one instead, as this is the age of the smartphone and tablet computers. Here are the top five apps for Valentines Day,


1. Crazy Blind Date – Not all are fortunate enough to have a Valentine on the day, but you can get one with the help of this app. You just have to select when and where you would like to go and it will set up a blind date.

2. Avocado – Instead of the regular flowers and chocolates, one can gift an app which will help you as a couple to stay connected. Avocado is similar to any other IM engine, but the only difference is that it will allow just you and your valentine to be connected.

3. Valentine Greetings – If you do not want to go all out and buy an expensive gift for your valentine, sometimes a simple gesture can also make someone smile. This app will allow you to select a card from a variety of pre-existing ones, or you could also explore your creative side by making one for that special someone.

4. Helpful Romantic – Many couples lack that romantic spark in their relationship, but this app will help to give you ideas while on a first date, or can also help to spice up the relationship.

5. Valentines Day Recipes – Nothing can be better than to make a great meal to impress your loved one.