A recent report has said that employers in China hare facing a major problem in terms of recruitment, owing to the shortage of talent. Employers are facing problems particularly in terms of vulnerable candidates, who are withdrawing from the recruitment process.


According to reports, about 19.3 percent of interviewed employers experienced an issue, where between 26 to 50 percent of candidates withdrew their applications last year. One in five employers said that the candidates withdrew between the submission of their applications and first interview.

About two thirds of the employers experienced a candidate withdrawing after an offer was made. Around 40 percent of the employers complained that the proportion of prospective employees withdrawing from the recruitment process is increasing and almost three quarters of the interviewed said that they now expect candidates to pullout at some stage. The top three reasons of withdrawing from an interview included salary not meeting the candidate’s expectations, corporate culture not fitting in to the candidate’s personality, or the role that was being offered was lacking career development opportunities.

Lily Bi, the general manager of Hudson Shanghai said, “We realize that it is an employee’s job market, which makes it difficult for employers to attract and retain talent. Still, employers should assess the situation and secure themselves advantageous positions in the job market”. Bi added that the companies must offer salaries according to the market trends.