Auto giant Skoda is all set to launch its Octavia for the Indian market during the festive Diwali season. It can also be noted that the Diwali season has always been favorable for the company in terms of launches, especially for new products in India.


The reason behind this, is that the festive season in India is considered to be auspicious for the country, as this is when people go shopping. Even automakers have witnessed an increase in sales figures during the festive season. The company has plenty of expectations with the new Octavia and reports say that its new sedan for the D segment is going to prove to be very competitive.

The upcoming Octavia has been built on the popular MQB platform, which underpins quite a few Volkswagen-group cars. Other reports have said that the company will sell the new Octavia along with Laura until Skoda India comes up with other entry level options of the Octavia, which will then replace the Laura.

The new Octavia will be available with a 1.8 TSI turbo petrol and 2.0 TDI turbo diesel engine. The entry level 1.6 liter turbo diesel engine is also expected to join the line-up. The new Octavia will be costlier than the Laura, according to initial reports.


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