Indian Olympic Boxer Vijender Singh and co-boxer Ram Singh have been called by the police for questioning. The boxers have been summoned after their names were said to be associated with a recent drug-bust.


The issues started off from March 3, 2013, as a drug peddler Snup Singh Kahlon was arrested with 540 g of heroin. After some questioning, Kahlon and Rocky, who was his partner in crime, revealed the names of two boxers, who were allegedly involved. The accused have also said that they supplied drugs to them.

Further investigations had unveiled a major international drug peddling racket, as the police have recovered 26 kg of heroin, worth around Rs. 130 crore from the trafficker and heroine around Rs. 130 in the trafficker’s flat in Zirakpur, Mohali.

Senior Superintendent of police Man Singh, who is investigating the case, said that they were treading slowly on the case and have no reasons to believe the drug traffickers. The two sportspersons will be called in for questioning as a summons is imminent. However, the story took a different turn when the police saw Vijender Singh’s wife’s car outside the same flat in Zirakpur. The police said that this is a loose link to the case. However, no drugs were found in the car and the incident may just be a coincidence.