Southern California has been hit by three earthquakes according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). The monitoring system of the USGS mentioned that the epicenter of the earthquake was in a desert near Anza, which is about 100 miles southeast of Los Angeles.


One of the quakes struck at 9:55 am on March 11, 2013, which was initially estimated to be of magnitude of 5.1, but was then quickly downgraded to 4.7. The two other earthquakes were of magnitude of 4.6 and 3.0.

The jolts were felt sharply at the local area, which also spread out to Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County. Palm Spring police officer Sgt. Harvey Reed said that the department has not received any reports of injury or damage so far. Many smaller seismic activities were also reported in the area.

Leslie Gordon of the USGS said that the initial magnitude reports were generated by the computer and automatically sent out. The reports were later revised and reviewed by the seismologists. Typically quakes of such sizes do not cause damage. The earthquake hit on the same day that Japan is observing the second anniversary of the massive earthquake that caused deadly tsunami to wipe out life and land across the coast of the country.