Search engine giant Google is now all set to research and build a more secure hardware device. The new hardware device would be used to login to a computer through an online account. This will remove the need for a password and is set to be designed in the shape of a ring, which can even be worn on ones fingers.


Google first unveiled its plans to eliminate passwords in an academic paper, which was published online in the month of January 2013. This paper focused on the use of USB keys as security devices, which provide credentials for logging into computers. The paper had also mentioned the possibility of using special jewelry in a similar manner. The principal engineer of Google – Mayank Upadhyay, said that personal hardware will remove the risk of people reusing passwords or writing them down.

This new technology can prove to be a boon for those who are vulnerable to an account hack. Upadhyay specializes in security and spoke about the hardware at the RSA security conference at San Francisco. The key also has a contactless chip, thus it can also be used to log in through mobile devices.


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