Veteran Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg has visited India after a span of almost 30 years. Spielberg said that there is a lot more traffic today, but the people are the same and going about their business in their own way.


It was around three decades ago that the filmmaker went unnoticed in the country, but this time it was a different story, especially after his Oscar winning flick – Lincoln. The ‘Jaws’ filmmaker said that he would be interested in working on a movie in India.

The filmmaker said , “An experiment I’d like to conduct someday is to take a movie we make in America and remake it in India. We take an Indian director and a screenwriter, and adapt it with an entire Indian cast”. The maker of ‘Jurassic Park’ said that he would not demand for a megastar in his movie and gave more importance to the script, rather than the casting.

The celebrated director added that it was more important for him to put the story together, than to worry about who would star in it. Spielberg said that he had a great story about Abraham Lincoln, which might have never been made without the performance of Daniel Day Lewis. Not many know that Reliance Entertainment,  which belongs to Anil Ambani has a 50% stake in Spielberg’s Dreamworks SKG.