Popular textile manufacturing giant Raymond, on March 12, 2013, said that it had resumed its operations at its plant in Valsad, in the state of Gujarat. The operations were resumed after the withdrawal closure notice by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board.


Raymond had to suspend its operations on a temporary basis at the textile manufacturing plant after it received a closure notice from the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) in the beginning of March 2013, for the violation of environmental norms. The regulatory filing on the BSE mentioned, “The company has started its operations at the aforesaid plant pursuant to the withdrawal of the closure notice by the GPCB.”

Hardik Shah, a member of the GPCB said that the closure notice has been withdrawn. The notice was earlier served to the plant after one of its effluent discharge pipelines ruptured. The pipe was releasing waste water in open.

Moreover, the power connection to the plant was also disconnected. Apart from Raymond, the GPCB has also sent notices to other manufacturing units in the region. The company had also filed a revocation application with the concerned authorities. The plant has a manufacturing capacity to produce 20 million meters of suiting fabric, as well as 15 million meters per year of shirting fabric.