Apple Inc. has now adopted a different policy for its repair and return services in China. The company will now offer shorter warranty periods, as compared to those offered in other countries.


The American tech company will now use refurbished parts for repair and avert after-sale obligations. A consumer protection TV show said that those consumers who found defects during the warranty period always found that their renewed iPhones still had the old back covers. Moreover, the warranty period wasn’t extended to another year as per the after sales regulation of China, instead it remained the same as per the former unit.

As per Chinese law, mobile phones which are replaced should be covered by another year guarantee period after the replacement. This results in a heavy burden for after-sale services on Apple’s part, which they are unwilling to bear. One of the staff members of Apple customer care service said that the old back cover tactic was being used to reduce the repair obligation, as the new changed unit cannot be defined as a replacement unless it is still incorporated a former part. The staff member had indicated that this forced the customers to spend more on Apple’s products.