Even before the Delhi gang rape issue could cool down, another such incident has occurred in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, on March 15, 2013. On this day, a 39-year-old Swiss woman was gang raped by a group of men.


According to reports, the woman was assaulted after a group of goons thrashed her husband with lathis. The also proceeded to rob the couple of their valuables. The incident happened near Datia village, where the woman and her husband were camping. The couple were staying in a forest as they were on their way from Orcha to Agra. The two had planned to cover a distance of 250 Km on bicycles.

The woman’s husband said that at around 9:30 pm a group of men came with lathis and overpowered him, after which the four criminals gang raped his wife. Later the woman was taken to the Gwalior hospital where she underwent a medical examination. The medical examination confirmed that she was gang raped. The husband then made a police complaint, on the basis of which eight men have been detained. Now the couple will be asked to identify the accused. Police officer MI Dhodi said that the couple had cycled into the forest, where they had stopped to take rest; this was where the ghastly incident occurred.