The ban on disposable dinnerware made from plastic foam will soon be lifted in China. The 14-year-old ban will be lifted on May 1, 2013, despite concerns over the potential environmental risks.


The amended guidelines had originally stated that food packaging made from this particular substance is to be eliminated. Plastic foam is also known as Styrofoam. Plastic foam is one of the 36 industries whose usage was to be controlled, due to the face that it creates environmental pollution and produces toxins when burnt.

An official from the commission confirmed about the development, saying that plastic foam dinnerware will be allowed to be sold in the market from May 1, 2013 onward. However, the official refused to give reason why the ban has been lifted.

Earlier, despite the ban, plastic foam dinnerware was still manufactured and sold in many places as it is much cheaper than other materials like paper and ceramic. Dong Jinshi, an official from the International Food Packaging Association said that food packaging made from plastic foam is toxic free as long as  it is produced and used properly. However, the problem is that the food packaging sold and used in the market cannot always meet quality standards, this leads to increased levels of toxicity in these products.


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