In recent times, cosmetic suppliers have become a major cause of concern and also the target of public criticism. Reports mentioned that many online shopping sites like and sell cosmetics which are diluted.


One of the customers of had compared the purchase of Cetaphil cleanser, which was bought last year from the site, to one that was bought from abroad. It was found that the one bought from was quite diluted.

It is a regular practice for business’ to attract customers by reducing their prices, by offering heavy discounts. However, for online retailers it is very difficult to get a 50 percent discount from official sources. In such cases, adding adulterated materials to the genuine bottles has become the easiest way to earn money.

Huang Tao, the CEO of said that eighty percent of the cosmetics which are sold online are fake, this had caused a heated discussion online. On the other hand, E-Commerse observer Lu Zhenwang said that the number of fake cosmetics mentioned is bit overstated. The tariff for cosmetics generally range from 40 percent to 50 percent, so the best discount on the sales of cosmetics can be around 40 percent, while the probability of suspect products increases if the discount becomes higher.


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