Taiwanese-based company HTC has delayed the shipments of its new flagship smartphone. The shipment of the smartphone has been postponed due to a  shortage of parts. The recent report is a blow to the company as it was looking forward to increasing sales. Currently the smartphone market is being dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy series.


The company said that the new HTC One, which was unveiled in the month of February 2013, was set to be sent out in the month of March 2013. Media reports now say that HTC executives had unveiled information about the delayed rollout and some retail distributors like Vodafone Group PLC had even been notified.

An unnamed executive from HTC said that it had been grappling with supply chain problems, as the company had changed the order forecasts drastically. HTC, in a brief statement said, “We will start fulfilling pre-orders by end March in certain markets and will roll out to more markets as we approach April.”

HTC has about 185 distributors globally, but declined to go into the details of these. Benjamin Ho, the Chief Marketing officer said in a statement that they are tirelessly working with all their channels in London and New York to get the device out as soon as possible.