An official revealed that the quality of water being supplied in South Beijing has been improving in recent times. The government has upgraded three water recycling plants in the south of the capital as well. The spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform – Zhao Lei, said that an improvement have also been made in the network of pipes.

recycled water

Lei said, “The transformation of the three plants has increased the recycled water processing capacity by 160,000 cubic meters per day”. Moreover, the construction of the sewage treatment plants to further recycle waste is also speeding up. According to Zhang Xiang, a researcher from the Nature University said that the use of recycled water must be promoted, as it is much cheaper than transferring it over long distances.

The Beijing Water Authority assured that 46 additional recycled water plants will be set up across the city in the next three years and 20 sewage treatment plants will also be upgraded. The setting up of recycled water plants will promote efficient water use and also reduce water, cost as recycled water is much cheaper .

Recycled water is mainly used for industries, cleaning and landscaping. Several new communities in the capital are equipped with a network to recycle water.


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