South Korean President Park Geun-hye was the victim of North Korean anger, following her request for the North to abandon its nuclear goals. North Korea warned her against ‘slandering’ and told her to behave correctly, so that she could avoid a ‘horrible disaster’.

North Korea South Korea

A border military unit was put on very high alert after the news. This was done overnight by South Korea. The comments from Ms Park came on the three year anniversary of the sinking of a South Korean warship.

The North and South have always had a tense relationship and recently a strange object was found at the border. This prompted the South Korean military officials to raise the alarm and prepare for the advent of hostility from the North. When the object was discovered, a soldier from the South threw a grenade at it, but later the alert was lifted. The incident took place in the Gangwon province in the north-eastern part of South Korea.

North Korea had allegedly put rocket units into a combat posture and was looking towards target such as Gaum, Hawaii and the USA. The North has been growing restless due to fresh sanctions by the United Nations, following on the heels of its nuclear test on February 12, 2013.