Narendra Modi has managed to woo delegates from the United States after a closed-door meeting with the politician. Modi has been denied a visa to the US following the 2002 riots that took place in his state. However, on March 28, 2013, US businessmen and parliamentarians visited the Gujarat Chief Minister at Gandhinagar, following a visit to the Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram.

Narendra Modi

The hour-long meeting was used as a stage for Modi to project his views on the future of the country. He spoke about the process of development in his home state and how being environmentally-friendly could better the state and the nation.

The meeting managed to impress the delegates, who said that they would be willing to work with Gujarat, as the state had the capability to manage investment effectively. The group of businessmen and other delegates are in the country to push for the ‘People to People Contacts and Diplomacy’ program. Along with this, the ‘Global Community Overreach Program’ by the ‘Overseas Friends of BJPs’ is also being promoted.

Whether the issue of Modi not being able to enter the US was discussed or not, is not known, however it does appear that the Chief Minister does know how to play the role of a good host and charm his guests.