On March 29, 2013, China expressed its discontent and opposition to the United States for approving a spending bill. The details of the spending bill will restrict the government from purchasing Chinese Information Technology (IT) systems.

IT restrictions

The spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce Shen Danyang said that the content of the bill has sent a very erroneous signal. Earlier this week, the US President Barack Obama signed the bill and also banned his country’s government from funding the issuance of export permits to commercial satellites which are sold to China.

The spokesperson for the ministry added that the move directly affects normal trade, as well as investment opportunities between Chinese companies and their US partners. Moreover, this is also not in line with creating a mutually beneficial partnership between the two countries. Shen added that the fair trade rule has been violated by the discriminatory practice, which was implemented under the guise of National Security.

The spokesperson also opined that the US side must adopt practises which remove the negative impact which the bill has on the China-US relationship. Hong Lei, the foreign ministry spokesperson has urged the US to abandon discriminatory practices against the Chinese enterprises as well.


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