After a media scare, Chinese retailers have taken back the foreign brand of infant milk from the shelves. The brands have been taken off after there was some concern about their safety.


Officials revealed that a senior employee has been detained from a Chinese partner of the Hero Group; this partner is a major Swiss baby formula manufacturer. The authorities at Suzhou said that the company had committed various offences. China Central Television said that the company has been changing the expiration dates and re-labelling the formula for younger babies, by pasting the less-expensive older baby formula.

Officials revealed that just three out of 17 batches of the infant formula which was seized from the plant met the country’s quality standards. On the mainland, the formula is sold under the label of Hero Nutradefense. The quality and technology supervision bureau at the industrial zone said that apart from selling formula made by Hero, Xile Lier has also purchased illegal formula which is produced by Hero for the European market. Hero has acquired the required health permits for China.

Lier has faked the batch code by erasing the original numbers, so as to sell the illegal formula in the Chinese market. After erasing the numbers it was repainted with new ones.


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