Social networking giant Facebook is all set to unveil its very own smartphone, the software of which is a customised version of the Google Android 4.2 OS. Sources have revealed that the smartphone will reportedly have a 4.3 inch screen 5 MP camera, with a 1.6 MP front camera for video calling and 16 GB storage.


The company is yet to unveil the details of its pricing as the smartphone will be built on the basis of the features of the social network. The actual question is whether the attempt to connect the dots between social networking and technology by HTC and Facebook will be a success or not. The companies had first collaborated in 2011 with the ChaCha and Salsa but these were considered to be failures.

Due to these failure, the sales of the earlier phones were stopped after a few months. It is being said that out of the one billion Facebook users, around 680 million users access the social network through their mobile phones. However, now almost every smartphone has Facebook access, which is either pre-installed or not. The social networking software can also be easily downloaded as an app.

The question remains as to whether consumers will go for a new device which is Facebook driven and throw out their old ones, or continue with their tried and tested phones. In recent times, it has also been noticed that the craze of Facebook and social media is slowing down.