The external affairs director of Vodafone India Manu Kapoor quit the company on April 4, 2013. Kapoor had worked on the firm’s $2.2 billion tax dispute. The director had joined the company a year ago, moving there from Cairn India.


Vodafone India said in a statement that Kapoor quit the company citing family commitments. The statement went on to say, “Manu joined Vodafone India in March 2012, to set up the external affairs portfolio and has played an important role in helping the business connect better with the external environment and to smoothen out the communications agenda for the organisation”.

In place of Kapoor, Rohit Adya will be taking over the position and will be the new West external affairs director. The statement from the company added, that Rohit has been elevated to his new role after successfully leading the Western region business and that he has additionally led several key corporate projects and initiatives as well.

Earlier, Kapoor had worked on regulatory approvals for mining group Vedanta Resources’ take over of Cairn India. He was also with the Reliance Industries. The exit of Kapoor came at a time when the company is battling multiple disputes with the Indian government.


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