After the detection of H7N9 virus in some pigeon samples in China, all live poultry markets in Shanghai will be closed from April 6, 2013, in the Songiang district. The announcement about the market closure was announced by the municipal government. On April 5, 2013, around 20,536 birds were slaughtered in the Huhuai wholesale market, where the infected pigeons were found.

bird flu

So far, the city has reported six cases of H7N9 bird flu, while four people have died from the virus. The other two people – a 4-year-old boy and an adult are at present in a hospital. Until now, about 16 H7N9 bird flu cases have been confirmed in China. Apart from the Shanghai cases, six victims are in Jiangsu, three in Zhejiang and one in the Anhui provinces.

Due to the outbreak, two people have already died in Zhejiang. The latest victim is a 64-year-old, who died in Huzhou, Zhejiang. Two patients who are also suffering from the problem are now getting better. Wu Fan, the chief of the city’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a news conference on Friday, that not all cases of H7N9 cases lead to severe illness.

Wu also suggested that people with fever and running nose must immediately rush to the hospital for a checkup.


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