The Ministry of Education said that the national online database will keep a track of every school bus on the roads of China. The ministry added that it has ordered local authorities to collect detailed information on the buses, which take children to kindergartens and schools.


The notice by the online ministry suggested that information about the drivers and chaperones will also be collected. The notice went on to say that all the data will go into the national management system this year and that the education authorities will be responsible for updating the information. For the first step, China has set up a facility to register information about school buses.

An official from the ministry said that the move was aimed at addressing the safety concerns of the public. The new system will also help with information exchanges between authorities who are in charge of education and traffic safety. The official said that all the traffic violations and accidents which involve school buses will be entered into the database every month.

The move has come after China established licensing systems for school buses and strict requirements for drivers last year, which was in response to a series of road accidents in recent times.