With the launch of the new Nokia 105, the Finnish company has tried to put out a phone which it hopes will try and regain the market that it has lost in India. The 105 handset is a simple phone with minimum features, which will be enough for a consumer to perform basic functions. The new 105 has been priced at Rs. 1,249


Earlier in the year, the handset was showcased at the Mobile World Congress as well. With the recent launch by the company, Nokia has marked the end of phones with a black and white screen. The phone manufacturer has claimed that the new device has a battery life of 35 days on standby mode and can give up to 12.5 hours of talk time.

Viral Oza, the Marketing Director at Nokia India said, “The Nokia 105 marks the end of black & white screen era in the Indian handset market. Our most affordable device – the Nokia 105, with some of the best category features, is the ideal handset for first time buyers to enjoy the benefits and experiences of mobility”. With the latest device, the company is targeting first time buyers who are looking for a coloured display at a very reasonable price.

The Nokia 105 has a 1.4-inch LCD transmissive display. The phone also weighs just 70 grams and is equipped with 8MB of mass storage.


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