On April 18, 2013, the former military ruler of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf was ordered to be arrested by the court. A court in Islamabad ordered the arrest of the general over the imposition of emergency rule in 2007. However, in a surprising act by the former ruler, he refused to be taken into custody and was taken away by his bodyguards before the police could act.


Musharraf had applied for an extension of bail in connection to the sacking of about 60 judges during the emergency. The 69-year-old appeared in court with heavy security arrangements. Musharraf returned to Pakistan on March 24, 2013, after a four year-long self imposed exile, so as to contest the general elections on May 11, 2013.

The bench, after dismissing the application, ordered the police to arrest Pervez immediately. Musharraf’s security team rushed in quickly as soon as the order was given and took him out of the court in his black SUV, without being stopped. According to the TV channels, the motorcade of the former ruler drove from the court to his farmhouse, at Chak Shahzad on the outskirts of Islamabad.

The security team, army commandos and a large number of supporters of the minister had gathered outside the court complex. Since his return to Pakistan, Musharraf have been making frequent visits to the court to extend his bail.


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