Japanese-based tablet manufacturer Panasonic has launched its ToughPad JT-B1 ICS  for the Indian market. However, reports say that the company has launched the tablet  in a high price bracket. The tech giant  is entering the Indian market with  two rugged tablets, the Toughpad FZ G1 and  the Toughpad JT B1.


The Indian market is known for its competitive pricing, due to which there are fewer chances that the tablet might get good response in the country, due to their pricing.  The ToughPad runs on the Windows 8 OS with good specifications, but it is priced at a mind boggling Rs.1.75 lakh. A smaller 7-inch tablet running on the Android OS will also come for Rs. 69,000.

The ToughPad will not have many takers in India, as there are many other tablets in the market with similar specifications. These are available for between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 20,000. Moreover, a 7-inch Google Nexus comes for just Rs.16,00o, while  an iPad Mini costs Rs. 20,000. Due to this competition in the market, it can be a bit difficult for Panasonic to survive.

On the other hand, both devices are not meant for general consumers, as they are  rugged and might still attract those people who have to work under harsh conditions.


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