After his controversial walk out from an Islamabad court, the former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has been arrested on April 19, 2013. Musharraf was arrested in a case relating to the imposition of an emergency rule in the year 2007. He also became the first former army chief to face such an action.


The 69-year-old was arrested on Friday and was taken to the court of judicial magistrate Muhammed Abbas Shah. Musharraf was remanded in police custody ad was to be produced before the anti-terrorism court within two days.

Police officials were earlier informed that they do not want physical custody of Musharraf and could be placed in judicial custody. Several lawyers had filed petitions against the former president for imposing emergency rule in the year 2007 and said that he should be kept in police custody. Musharraf had also detained more than 60 members of superior judiciary during the emergency rule.

Questions were also raised as to why Musharraf was not handcuffed after he was arrested. Qamar Afzal, Musharraf’s lawyer argued that his client must be kept under judicial custody as there were serious threats to his life. TV footage had shown how Musharraf was led to the magistrate’s small office by several policemen and paramilitary personnel.