Indian auto giant Maruti Suzuki has been riding high in terms of success since its inception, just on the basis of its petrol segment. However, the Indian requirement and demand for diesel cars, was something that the company could not ignore for too long. Till date the company did not have its own diesel engines and the parent company Suzuki was not in a position to change this fact.


Maruti Suzuki then worked with Fiat and sourced a 1.3-liter multijet engine. This particular engine was the quite popular and provided a good source of income for the company. The 1.3-liter multijet engine is widely being used in various vehicles belonging to Tata, Fiat, General Motors and Premier. Maruti on the other hand always ended up with the best out of the multijet engines, in terms of fuel efficiency and performance.

Now Suzuki has realised that it can begin manufacturing its own diesel engines. The company will be developing two new diesel engines for Maruti. The Japanese giant will be making 1 and 1.4 liter engines, which will be developed in Japan and would be ready to use as early as 2014.

This means that the company will be able to power its own vehicles like Estilo, Alto and Wagon R.


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