Japanese-based auto company Nissan Motor Company, said that it plans to build its Nisan Micra Mini in France, as it is looking forward to boost its domestic production, due to the return of the union concessions. The Micra will be built at Renault’s Flins plant near Paris.


The assembly will begin with an annual production target of 82,000 vehicles and will cover some ground by the year 2016. Carlos Ghosn, the Renault Nissan chief, said in a company statement, “This announcement is good news for Flins, but also for all Renault plants in France. Renault is in line to fulfil its commitments.”

Ghosn had earlier threatened that he would move out the production from France if no deal was reached with the unions. The company, as a part of the agreement, pledged to repatriate models including the commercial van Traffic, from Spain to Sandouville which is located in northern France. Renault went on to say that some versions of the Clio will also return to the Flins from Turkey.

Even though the left-wing CGT refused to sign, the auto company managed to win agreement on the new labor deal from a majority of unions, that represent almost two-thirds of its workforce.