The government of Japan is now looking forward to increasing number of foreign engineers and researchers that will be welcomed into the country, a number that could even go into 100,000. Yasutoshi Nishimura, the senior vice president at the Cabinet office, said that the intention was to ease the criteria for giving preferential treatment to the people who are highly skilled.


Nishimura was speaking during a question and answer session, after giving a lecture on April 29, 2013, in Washington on the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s growth strategies. The senior vice minister, added that the government will promote deregulation to allow 24 hour financial transactions in Tokyo. The latest move has been taken so as to strengthen the country’s status as an international financial centre and encourage investment.

The latest proposal is to be a part of the government’s move to set up special strategic zones in and around the city of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, under the economic policies of Abe. Nishimura went on to say that the measures of Kansai special zone, might include strengthening of distribution networks through the area’s airport.

The proposals include, establishment of the centre for regenerative and other advanced medicine, as well as the approval of casino operations, which will be discussed as a way to attract wealthy tourists.


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