Power consumers might receive a setback this summer, as consumers who use above 40 units of power are eligible for a hike of 12 percent in rates from May 1, 2013. Electricity tariffs have been revised by the Kerala State Electricity Board Regulatory Commission on April 30, 2013.


The revised tariffs include a raise of 10 to 50 paise per unit after the 300 unit consumption is exceeded and consumers will then enter a new gauging pattern. The industries will have to bear a hike of seven percent and the cost per unit will go up by 50 paise. On the other hand, Domestic users who just use under 40 units have to pay the existing rate of Rs. 1.50 per unit.

These users do not even have to pay the fixed charges, moreover the tariff of the first slab starting from 41 to 80 units have been fixed at Rs. 2.20. Charges for works like pumping water, lift irrigation, cultivating fruit, grains and pulses will remain at Rs.1.50 per unit. The rate will also be applicable for places like orphanages, as well as institutions which are run for the disabled and terminally ill.

There are also fixed charges for hoardings and displays as Rs. 50o per month at Rs. 12.50 per unit.