Computer manufacturer Hewlett Packard has recently unveiled its latest innovation in mobile technology, known as the HP Elitepad 900. The device is a business tablet, which powered by an Intel Atom processor.


HP said, “The new device promises to ease workload by providing support for existing business applications. The Elitepad 900 has the capacity to be tailored to suit industry-specific software and hardware options, for optimal performance”. The features of the device include a digital dual array microphone with SRS audio, true-to-life video meetings and an 8 megapixel camera with flash for vivid details in photos and videos.

Further features of the device include top security for data protection in case of lost devices and integration services, which make it easy for deployment of the Elitepad across the worldwide enterprise. Morakinyo Ipoola, the Channel sales manager, while talking at the launch of the device, said that the new HP Elitepad is a smart and secure intel powered operating system device, with top notch technology and a rugged exterior, which is built to last for long.

Olubunmi Ekundare, the country manager of Intel corporation, explained that as the operating system of the device was powered by the Intel Atom Processor, users can make the most of the touch interface, which gives the device a different interactive feel.


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