UK-based tablet manufacturer Datawind, said on May 2, 2013, that it has completed manufacturing 100,000 Aakash low-cost computing access devices for IIT Bombay, which comes under the Indian government’s Ministry of Human Resources Development’s National Mission for Education through Information Communication Technology.


In the month of March 2013, the manufacturer of the Aakash tablet had denied reports which claimed that the company would not be able to fulfil their duties. The issue was addressed by Suneet Singh Tuli, the president and CEO of Datawind, who confessed that there has been a delay in the production, but said that it was due to the verification process which Customs needed to conduct.

Verifications of the Exemption Certificates for certain components needed to take place, which were issued by IIT Bombay. The controversy had taken a different twist, when some reports surfaced that action has to be taken against the UK-based company, for the delay in manufacturing. Originally, the company was supposed to supply the devices by December 31, 2012.

Earlier reports had also claimed that the tech manufacturer could supply just 20,000 units, against One lakh units that were committed by DataWind.


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